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Julia Jacklein

Julia has been teaching since 2003. She has an ARCT in piano performance, a

Bachelor of Independent Studies in Piano Pedagogy, and an MA in Composition.

Julia's teaching is influenced by her own education at a Waldorf school. This practical method of education supports a child's intellectual, physical and emotional

development in a holistic way. Julia uses art, literature, physical exercises and

creative activities to help students expand their imaginations and better understand

music. Students at Julia’s studio may choose to follow the Royal Conservatory

curriculum, or to set independent musical and creative goals.

Julia has a lifelong interest in helping people with different abilities. She has

volunteered abroad as a live-in coworker with Camphill Communities, tutored

children with special learning needs, and taught piano to students with

developmental and/or physical and emotional challenges. She enjoys exploring

music with people of all ages and abilities.

Julia is also active as a composer. Her music reflects many different influences, and has been performed in Canada and the United States. Recent collaborations include projects with Choral Chameleon, That Choir, Lyrica Chamber Choir, and the Tost String Quartet. She has frequently written pieces for her piano students, some of whom have chosen to compose their own pieces under her guidance.

Julia is a member of Barrie's Lyrica Chamber Choir, and has volunteered as a concert reviewer for Barrie Concerts and Georgian Music since 2017. She also enjoys creative writing and painting.

For more information, visit Julia’s website at

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