Violin over Sheet Music

Deadline to Enter: February 12, 2022


Piano:Brett Kingsbury

Voice: Michelyn Wright

Please read carefully!

*Students of any ORMTA teacher in any category may enter students. Students are able to submit up to 3 pieces.

Students will be graded similar to exam marking. Students receiving A+ or A will be given awards.  Performances of award winners will be featured in our virtual Awards Recital..  A link will be sent to teachers and listed on Barrie ORMTA Facebook page and website.  


Students of any ORMTA teacher in any category may enter students of any level!

Students may enter conservatory or non-conservatory selections, including etudes. Duets may be entered if students are in the same family or if two pianos and social distancing can be maintained. All students will receive an adjudication by email. 


 Results will be announced to Barrie Branch ORMTA teachers via email, as well as being posted on our website ( and Facebook page.


To receive a mark, memorization is required for all solo pieces including etudes.  Duets do not require memorization. Students should refrain from announcing pieces. 


Students are required to have an original copy of the music for the adjudicator.  After registration, please email a PDF of the music to  If a student has a photocopy, they will not receive a mark. Please include a PDF of your scores, including the cover of the book it is from.  If using downloadable music purchased online, you must include a PDF of the purchase receipt.


Video Requirements

  • No mixing or sound enhancement is allowed through any kind of soundboard, including a recording studio or computer. No reverb can be added to the recording. The recording must be honest and acoustic – as if the adjudicator was in the room listening to you perform live. You must perform live on the video. No audio dubbing over your video is allowed.

  • Accompaniment may be live (as long as local government guidelines are observed) or by pre-recorded back-track.

  • For entries in any level, your video must be titled as follows: 


Scholarship Evaluations 2022 Barrie Branch ORMTA 
Title of selection, composer, and performer’s name

For instance: 

Sonata in C major, Op. 36, No 1, 1st mvt Clementi performed by Mary Smith


  • The video must clearly show your face and your instrument. Piano videos should clearly show your hands. For singers, a full body view is preferred. A stationary camera position must be used throughout.  All video must have “YouTube kid” settings turned off.


  • Video editing during a piece is not allowed under any circumstances. Each piece should be filmed separately.


    Your video must be made viewable by Public or Unlisted YouTube setting. Private YouTube entries will not be accepted. YouTube “kid” settings must be turned off.  Each entry must be via video posted to You will need to supply us with the link to your performance provided on the entry form. For information on posting videos we recommend exploring the Help section found on the YouTube homepage. Please note that you must select “Public” or “Unlisted” in the Privacy settings found under the broadcasting and Sharing Options section when uploading your video file to YouTube. If you select “Private” your submission will be invalid. Please only enter the Barrie Branch ORMTA Scholarship Evaluations if you are comfortable posting a public or unlisted video on YouTube. It is highly recommended that all YouTube videos have the comments section turned off.


    While we do not expect professional quality video and audio, we urge you to do the best you can. Take acoustics and the placement of microphones or camera into account. Please test the recording set up before recording your video. When using a smartphone to make a recording, a better result can be achieved by holding the phone horizontally rather than vertically. Pianos used for accompaniment may be either acoustic or digital.

Entry deadline is February 12, 2022.  Video entries, PDF of the scores, online registration and payment must be submitted by 11:59 pm February 12th, 2022.  


Youtube link must be submitted at the time of entry.  You will not be able to go back later and add your video.  PDF of music needs be sent to Please include in the subject of the email: Student Name, Piece and Composer.


Please do not register until your recording has been completed and uploaded to YouTube. The YouTube link must be included in the applicable section on the online entry form.  The YouTube video can be either public or private, but the “Kids for YouTube” setting must be turned off. Please be advised that all social distancing measures for your particular area of the Province must be adhered to when recording or if working with an accompanist. 


If you have any questions, please email Cheryl at