Alexander Technique Workshop

Presented by Victoria Heart


Saturday, October 19, 201


The Alexander Technique taps into the mind-body axis, heightening our sensory awareness, and connecting us more deeply to the moment.


It supports the physical demands of performing by cultivating ‘relationship over positioning’ - Less strain on the body translates into greater vitality in performance.


When our physical and mental states are in optimal balance, we can then access our most expansive creative potential.


In this workshop we will touch on Alexander's fundamental principles - awareness, inhibition and conscious direction.  We will use some simple experiential exercises, discussion and sharing observations as part of our group exploration.


During our master-class time, participants will receive hands-on and verbal support while playing or singing a familiar piece of music.


Come discover how the Alexander Technique can help you increase your awareness of unconscious habits and physical patterns, gradually restoring natural balance and opening us to a new way of experiencing ourselves and the world around us.



Barrie, ON, Canada

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